Winner of MLT Songwriting award for ‘Mamma’, NZ Country Music Awards 2019


Kerryn Fields grew up, surfing her parent’s vinyl collection, addicted to the radio, and trying to make light of the dark with her irrepressible humour. Hailing from farming land in the heart of New Zealand, Fields, grew up amongst story tellers in shearing sheds, a talent she now brings to the stage, along with her hugely evocative country & folk music.


“An unexpected surprise” – 13th Floor 


Kerryn Fields poignant and powerful songs, baritone brilliance and unassuming string-plucking virtuosity leave audiences transfixed, crying, hysterically laughing and dipping their fingers into all the layers of the universe - after which they lick them in public, because this life is kind of delicious. 


“Pure Magic” – Radio13 NZ


A fearless artist who is never happier than when she has a guitar in one hand and a journal in the other, Fields has experienced the depth and breadth of the human condition first hand. Having battled her way through a childhood illness, that saw her hospitalised for much of her teenage years, Fields now lives life as if it is a question that begs the answer “yes”.


“A joyous presence” – The


Currently working her way around the country & folk circuit’s of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, Fields is becoming a household name, wooing folks in their lounge rooms, bars and from the festival stage. Her band bring a rich texture to her music, with a palette of harmonies and joyful humour.


Winner of the Newstead Live Music Festival Troubadour Award – Most exciting act & inspiring act of 2019


No stranger to a suitcase, Fields is currently spending much of her time eating fruit from local stalls along sunset highways and musing life near rivers and oceans along the way to her next show.


The award winning new single ‘Mamma’ is due for release in September 2019 and Fields is currently putting together a long awaited, brand new album, a follow up to the highly acclaimed, Rascal (2015).


“A gem of a songwriter” – Auckland Folk Festival

Photo by Rhea Caldwell Photography

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Photography : Jae Twyman-Mills