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NZ singer songwriter Kerryn Fields has announced her second album ‘Water’ with the release of new single ‘Atlantis’.


The opening track to the album ‘Atlantis’ opens with ‘Fields expansive vocals, inspired by  Neil Young’s ‘Pocahontas’ -  ‘I’d die, for the way you love that song’


"Her emotional delivery has it soaring and landing somewhere deep in visceral territory” – Radio 13 NZ

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Winner of MLT Songwriting award for ‘Mamma’, NZ Country Music Awards 2019. 

'Mamma' is a last chance ballad inspired by the power of a mothers love for her child. 

"A gem of a songwriter" - Auckland Folk Festival 

Kerryn Fields sold her Kombi Van for a ticket to Melbourne, creating her debut album ‘Rascal’ in bungalows, bedrooms and backyards. 

Kerryn’s songs are enormous in presence, deeply emotional and sometimes very funny.  ​

Rascal is about leaving your life behind to find direction, a record of unrequited love, life lessons and a healthy dose of 'Fields irreverent humour. 

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